About me

      Hi! My name is Aimee Bushong. Welcome to my page. I am a former stripper, nude art model, ski instructor, camp counselor, massage therapist, ESL teacher, and a slew of other half-baked occupations I have held during my adult years. However, I have always been and will always be a rock and roll musician, writer, and all around badass. I have done and seen many things in this lifetime, and upon recounting my stories of crazy, twisted adventures to friends, family, and  random strangers on planes, I have been encouraged to write them down,  and here is where you can experience them.

      My upbringing was not the most normal. Most of my essays allude in some way to my childhood and growing up with the strangest, coolest, smartest liberal pot smoking hippie I call my mother. My humor is not for the faint of heart, so if you are not ready to be taken to darkly humorous and raunchy places, and read a lot about dicks, then perhaps you should direct your browser to a more "Christian-centered" blog. Here you will only find unfiltered, uncensored tales of Jewish malarky and naked shenanigans. All of these stories are 100% true, and how I have gotten myself into some of these situations still baffles me.

     I  have a rock and roll band called The Aimee Bushong Band and have produced two albums of original music which you can listen to here via the Spotify link. I have also written a memoir which will be available in the next few years and may even be made into a movie some day. Enjoy, friends!

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